Workflow Rules

What is Workflow Rules

Workflow Rules is a Jira add-on that uses a business oriented DSL(domain specific language) to extend your workflow condition/validator and post function.

Below are some sample conditions/validators that you can define with the add-on:

the resolution of the issue is not "Fixed"
or the fixed versions is blank
the current user has role named "Administrator"
and the current user is in group named "Jira-administraotr"
all of the subtasks match (the status of this subtask is "Done")

It also supports conditional post function in if-then form, e.g.,

if the assignee is not present
    assign the issue to the current user
    add comment "automatically assigned" 

Check out what you can do with the tool in Examples.


The DSL is specifically designed for Jira with following features:

  • Natural language like syntax
  • Built-in Jira concepts and terminologies
  • Smart editor with syntax coloring, auto-completion and error rendering

With the highly readable and writable language, Workflow Rules helps non-developer to define and manage the workflow rules with ease.

Getting Started

Basic steps to use workflow rules


Explain the underlying concepts


Typical rules that you can write with the language


Reference of model and vocabulary

Release notes

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